The Jackrabbits Local Cheering Section During The Quarter Finals of the FCS Tournament

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Jackrabbit Nation is alive at Shenanigans Sports Bar and Grill.  This is SDSU’s seventh consecutive appearance, and over 300 Jackrabbits create an electric environment.

“This is our home for watch parties here in Sioux Falls. When we’re on the road and if we can’t go (you know) if it’s a close game people may go. If it’s a long ways away this is where people are going to come and watch the game,” says President of the Sioux Empire Staters Philip DeGroot.

For some of the fans who couldn’t make the cross country trip, they headed over to the bar in Sioux Falls to watch the game and cheer on their team.

“Every single time when we start getting further and further into the playoffs. Every body backs in on their end. Especially when the boys are away. They want to support the guys the best we can. We’re on twitter, we do all that stuff when we promote it. Every single time when we promote the event, they love it,” says Vice President of the Sioux Empire Staters Ryan Knudson.

One Jackrabbit fan who did not make the trip is Kibbi McCormick.  She stayed behind to watch her son Mason’s team, who is a red-shirt freshman.

“It’s so exciting to have your son playing for SDSU. I mean, they’re just a great team. There’s a really big family atmosphere,” says SDSU Football Mom Kibbi McCormick.

Kibbi says even though they are not on their home turf, this crowd makes it feel like they are at the game cheering on their kids.

“There’s a ton of alumni here. Ton of excited football fans and it’s just about as good as being at the game,” says McCormick.

SDSU is moving on to the Semifinals of the FCS Tournament.  They will play NDSU and travel to Fargo.

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