Time To Get Crafty With Holiday Gifts and Cards

SIOUX FALLS, SD-  On average, Americans will spend up to 700 dollars on Christmas gifts.  According to the National Retail Federation, people will spend 460 billion dollars during the holidays this year.  However,  not everyone is heading to the store for their gifts.

“A lot of people prefer making their own gifts because the most obvious reason would be money and bringing the holiday back to its’ original roots,’ ” says Executive Director of JAM Art & Supplies Jess Miller.

For anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money, there are to ways personalize Christmas by going the “D.I.Y.” route.  Trends this year include Christmas ornaments or sewing.

Miller explains, “Christmas tree ornaments are always popular. I know a lot of people are getting back into cross stitching and knitting. So scarves, hats, and if you’re really good socks. You can also make wreaths.”

Another popular way to make Christmas gifts and cards is by printmaking, which is similar to the wood-cut method.  It’s like carving your own personal stamp.

“You start with a drawing and then you transfer your drawing to a surface. Then you start removing any areas you do not want to print. So you remove all of the ‘white areas’ and you come up with different ways to create half tones, gray scales by using hatching lines,” says Art Instructor Chad Nelson.

The white areas are the design and will show up once you press down on your stamp.  These stamps will make a meaningful holiday card or gift.

“It adds a lot more of a personal touch (I think). Maybe in this age of speed and all of this consumption we have going on I think it means a lot more,” says Nelson.

Pottery is also another classic way to make any holiday gift come from the heart.

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