Madison Grandparents Searching For Missing Wedding Ring

MADISON, S.D. – It’s hard to find a more likeable couple than Randy and Julie Bobzien of Madison. The retirees have been married for nearly five decades, and they have a love to show for it. However, a piece of them is missing.

On September 4, 1971, Julie and Randy Bobzien married in North Dakota.

“High school sweethearts,” said Randy.

On that stormy day, they exchanged wedding rings, vowing to be partners forever.

The Bobziens have built a life together, which includes four grandkids. That brings us to last weekend, when the Bobziens were at their grandson’s basketball game in Harrisburg. That’s when they noticed something was missing: Randy’s wedding ring.

“Of course, we kind of looked around on the floor to see if it had just slipped off somehow,” said Julie.

Randy has lost some weight recently, so they think the ring probably slipped off. Now the big question is where.

The Bobziens are searching for Randy’s ring. It only cost them $50, but the sentimental value is priceless.

“As the years go by it means more,” said Julie. “It does symbolize our life together.”

The couple has been married for 47 years, already planning their 50th anniversary.

“It would’ve been nice to have had that with me when we celebrate our 50th,” said Randy. “There’s a lot of people who don’t wear wedding rings anymore.”

Now, the couple is asking for your help to find their beloved wedding ring.

Randy’s ring may look like any golden band, but it has something unique engraved on the inside. Randy’s ring has his initials and Julie’s,“J.A.G. to R.S.B”, and that date the pair vowed to love one another forever, “9-4-71.”

“It would be wonderful to have it back,” said Julie. “In the meantime, I’ll just keep him around to remind me.”

“I’m too big to lose,” said Bob.

Randy and Julie think they lost the ring in either Harrisburg, Madison, or the surrounding areas. Once again, randy’s ring has both of their initials and their anniversary engraved on the inside of it. If you happen to find it, send us a message on our KDLT News Facebook page.

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