Spink County Family Searching for Missing Loved One

The family of Thomas Fink is hoping someone has seen him – according to his mother, he had recently had surgery and was on medication as part of his recovery. He got up Friday night after dark, disappeared and took nothing with him. No one has heard from him since, his phone is dead, says his mother, and his bank account hasn’t been used.

If you have any information about Fink’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Spink County Sheriff’s Office at 605-472-4595.

Tom is a male in his late 40s/ early 50s who was last seen in Zell, possibly driving a Silver Trail Blazer. His niece, Ashley Colbenson, tells KDLT the truck is damaged on the driver’s side and has been fix with black screws. She shared the attached photo. The little girl is Colbenson’s daughter and is not with Tom, but she said it was the best photo the family had of him recently.


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