Senator Thune Discusses Farm Bill

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-On Friday Senator John Thune was in Sioux Falls to talk about the federal farm bill that was just passed by Congress. He met with some of the agricultural organizations that had a lot of input in shaping the bill in the first place.

Senator Thune thanked several AG organizations from corn growers to dairy farmers for their input on this bill. He says so far he’s gotten a lot of good feedback.

“Obviously there is never a perfect bill when you do a farm bill and this is my fourth and it’s always complicated always challenging, but there’s a balance that you strike,” said Senator Thune.

He’s feeling good about the outcome.

“There were a number of new ideas that we got into this bill and I feel really good about the fact that I think about 40 or so proposals we submitted, 20 of them actually made it into the bill, which is a pretty good batting average,” said Senator Thune.

Thune says the number one priority for farmers is certainty. He’s excited to bring some relief to farmers who have been eagerly waiting for the bill to pass.

“This has a good crop insurance program, which has become the cornerstone of our safety net when it comes to production and agriculture.”

He says this bill will give farmers and ranchers more flexibility.

“And a number of provisions in there too for livestock producers in western South Dakota that when they have a disaster, that provides assistance to them as well.”

While certainty is the top priority, he says the bill will also create opportunities to open new markets for trade. Overall he’s confident the bill will benefit South Dakota.

“We tried to make this a very balanced bill that benefits sort of all sectors of our AG economy here in South Dakota and provides that protection and that again that hedge against those really bad years and we think it does that in an effective way,” said Senator Thune.

President Trump is expected to sign the bill into law next week.

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