Christion Wraps up Brilliant Creer at SDSU

Christion Wraps up Brilliant Creer at SDSU

FARGO, ND…Taryn Christion, Roosevelt QB says:”I run and pass probably about 50-50 but I mean I look for the pass and if there’s nothing there then I’ll try and run it…”

The combination of sprinters speed and arm strength made Taryn Christion a special talent as a prep at Roosevelt five years ago, and he’d maximize it at South Dakota State.

Christion says:”I always feel I put pressure on myself because I want to be the best quarterback that’s every walked though South Dakota State. That’s what I push myself for every day…”

Pressed into action due to injury as a true freshman, Taryn became just that. He set SDSU and Missouri Valley records with 11,535 yards passing and 104 touchdowns while also running for more than 1,500 yards and 26 scores.

Yet those records were never his measuring stick.

Christion says:”I didn’t necessarily come in thinking I was going to break all those records and I was going to do this and do that. I was focused on winning football games and helping the guys around me accomplish something great…”

Pierre Strong, SDSU Freshman RB says:”Getting after me when I’m wrong, praising me when I’m right, just giving me confidence to play better every practice and every game. He’s just a tremendous leader…”

That leadership was never on display more than in Taryn’s final game. Knocked out of the FCS Semifinal against NDSU several times, Christion came back in and continued to do everything he could to give SDSU a chance to win.

John Stiegelmeier, SDSU Football Coach says:”Coaches will talk about Taryn’s leadership, they’ll talk about his play-making ability, they’ll lace that with the type of person that he was, the character he lived out and was true to…”

Christion says:”We were the winningest class to go through so I’m obviously proud to be a part of that and this program’s only gone up ever since I started getting recruited here…”

And that, more than any records, is what Taryn will remember the most.
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