Wired Wednesday December 19: Last-Minute Tech Gift Ideas

Two of our tech experts offer some easy, user-friendly and affordable options

If you’re struggling yet to find just the right gift for the tech lover in your life, two of our tech experts, Will Bushee and Chris Prendergast, offer up some easy finds.

Some additional advice from Bushee:

If you are buying tech gifts for parents, open them up and set them up on THEIR wifi before sending/delivering them.

If you are buying a gaming console, boot it up a week before, update ALL software, and install games. It can take 8-12 hours and be slower over Christmas, he said. A few years ago, Play Station network was ‘hacked’ on Christmas day, and no one could play their games.

While visiting grandparents, help secure their passwords with LastPass and add 2-factor authentication

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