Yankton’s Super Sophomore Just Keeps Getting Better

Yankton's Super Sophomore Just Keeps Getting Better

YANKTON, SD… The buzz builds wherever Yankton goes.

If the Bucks are in town, you have to see the Matthew Mors show.

“Well first of all I don’t blame them because I would do the same!” Yankton Head Basketball Coach Chris Haynes says.

“That’s really sweet and awesome but it’s all the hard work that I’ve done just being put out into a show really.” Yankton Sophomore Matthew Mors says.

The son of basketball coach, Matthew was a gym rat.

“I’d play in the open gyms and just be involved with everything they were doing really.” Mors says.

Who wasted no time showing what he’d learned shortly after moving to Yankton.

“Summer between his 6th and 7th grade year, which sounds just crazy, but that’s when things really started flourishing for him. We hold a camp every summer. After the first morning with middle schoolers he was pretty dominant so we asked him if he wanted to come and practice with the varsity guys. And he was dominant with that group too.” Haynes says.

Sure enough, Mors began playing for the Bucks as a 7th grader and starting in 8th.

“Things were really fast and between 7th and 8th grade I really developed my game to what it is today. And then each summer I’ve just been developing.” Mors says.

As a 6’8” freshman, Matthew averaged 24 points and led the Bucks to their first state championship in 40 years.

“He has not tapered off. He can play with his back to the basket. Obviously his ball handling is phenomenal for a guy his size. And I think his shooting is his number one quality.” Haynes says.

And that’s drawing attention from across the country. College coaches are regulars at his games, and Mors already has scholarship offers from several Big 10 schools, with more to come.

“You know you almost feel man, like it’s not really fair of what he has on his plate sometimes. But again, I think he has a really good head on his shoulders.” Haynes says.

“I can handle it. You’re watching college basketball and you just think that could be you.” Matthew says.
Until then he’ll keep putting on a show in South Dakota.

In Yankton, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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