Helpline Center Offering Support To Farmers   

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-The suicide rate among farmers, especially in rural areas continues to grow across the nation. This year has been especially tough on farmers between trade wars, tariffs, and weeks of bad weather. It’s left many feeling tired, worn out and angry. Staff at the Helpline Center want to remind farmers who are struggling that it’s okay to “check their mental toughness” and ask for help. They can do so by calling: 1-800-273-8255 or text sdfarm to 898211.

“Specifically farmers have a harder time and males, have a harder time with asking for that help and talking about their emotions. You know we’re here for them. They don’t have to go through this alone,” said Suicide Prevention Director, Sheri Nelson.

According to the Helpline Center, six million men suffer from depression. Staff have also been training farm service agencies who work closely with  farmers. That way they can recognize warning signs for suicide.

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