New Year’s Eve Safety: Find a Ride, Don’t Drink and Drive

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- New Years Eve is a time for celebration and fun, but can turn into a tragic situation fast if someone makes the decision to drive under the influence. Every New Years Eve, the Sioux Falls Police Department has extra officers out patrolling the streets.

“That will be on in the evening and into the early morning hours of the first and that will primarily be focused on DUI apprehension,” said Captain Loren McManus with the Sioux Falls Police Department.    

Captain McManus says those who plan on drinking also need to plan for a safe way home.

“Having a DD is always important and don’t forget there are lots of other options out there for vehicles for higher, so there really isn’t any need or reason to drive after you’ve been drinking.”

Lyft drivers say they’ll be out and are preparing for a busy night. Matthew Brinkman drives not just for the money but to help cut down on drunk drivers.

“We really looked at last year and felt we helped out with that situation. There were a lot of drivers that definitely chose to plan ahead and take a Lyft last year and it benefited them and everybody on the roads and we look forward to seeing that this year as well,” said Brinkman.

He says getting people home safe is his number one priority, so if you take a Lyft know you’ll be in good hands.

“Lyft has drivers that are going to be out there that have driven the roads this past week when it was a little icy, so we know the conditions and know how to handle it pretty well,” said Brinkman.

This new year’s eve they’ll have more drivers out than last year.

“Which should definitely help with the supply and demand. We have a lot of experienced drivers that have helped new drivers, so they are prepared for this year’s New Years parties,” said Brinkman.

However, he still asks for everyone’s patience.

“There might be a lot of people requesting at the same time, so there might be a little longer wait, but we’ll still accommodate everyone who needs a ride home,” said Brinkman.

That way you’ll have not only a fun, but safe New Year Eve.

Over 10-thousand people die in drunk driving related crashes each year according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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