Minimum Wage To Increase in South Dakota and Minnesota, But So Could Scams

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – With a new year could come a bigger paycheck. South Dakota minimum wage increases from $8.85 to $9.10 starting Tuesday.

It’s a great way to kick of the new year for minimum wage workers. After all, an extra 25 cents an hour can add up. However, Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau says be careful.

“Any time minimum wage or minimum wages increases pop up, it is right for a scam,” said Schmidt.

Scammers often strike when minimum wages increase. You may receive a text message or email saying you need to “opt in” to claim your raise. This is a scam.

“Never click on those,” said Schmidt. “Block those email addresses and cell phone numbers as they come in because those are clearly just phishing scams.”

If you click on one of those, the scammers can put malware on your device, making for anything but a happy new year.

“They may steal all of your contact information,” said Schmidt. “They may steal your credit card information.”

However, the minimum wage increase could impact fewer people than you think. Most Sioux Falls employers already pay their employees above minimum wage.

Even the city pays above minimum wage. It says the lowest wage it paid a part-time employee in this year was ten dollars.

When there are more jobs than people, employers need to offer competitive pay to stay fully staffed, from lifeguards to school bus drivers.

South Dakota isn’t the only state raising its minimum wage. 19 other states are, including Minnesota. Starting Tuesday, Minnesota’s minimum wage will increase by 21 cents.

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