Ryan Bruggeman has played big for SMSU Mustangs

Ryan Bruggeman has played big for SMSU Mustangs

MARSHALL, MN…Don’t let the height, or hair, fool you.

“I think you guys caught me at a bad time. I didn’t get time to get a haircut in before the tournament so it gets a little puffy there!” SMSU Senior Guard Ryan Bruggeman says.

“Yeah he’s gotta get haircuts more often I guess!” SMSU Head Coach Brad Bigler says.

Ryan Bruggeman is the best player in Southwest Minnesota State history.

“Looks are deceiving right? He’s a guy who has put in a lot of time. He’s a guy who’s an every day guy. Fun to be around just because of how competitive he is. Every day he competes, he brings out the best in others and himself.” Bigler says.

The son of a basketball coach, Ryan showed that from his first day in Marshall. After redshirting in 2014-15, Bruggeman has started all 108 games of his career.

“My teammates just have a lot of trust in me to go out there and make plays.” Ryan says.

It’s how he seemingly plays without fear despite his six foot frame.

“If I were to talk to all young athletes, young basketball players, just his ability to take contact, he’s so strong with the basketball. He can make great decisions. He can take a hit, he can see the levels of the defense, he can hit a floater or rise up to his pull up jumper, or he can make a pass to make his teammates better.” Bigler says.

And why Ryan has become SMSU’s career scoring and assist leader, helping lead the Mustangs to consecutive NCAA Tournaments.

“Once the ball is thrown up you have got to play your game. And at the end of the day, if they respect you or not, you just got to kind of just give it everything you got and do everything you can for the team. If you can do that I think you can just hold your head up high.” Bruggeman says.

Something Bruggeman can certainly do.

With the Mustangs, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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