Police Investigating Brutal Assault on Sioux Falls Grandmother

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s hard to believe someone would want to hurt Kay Odle. The 68-year-old grandmother has spent her life travelling with her family across South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa to spread her faith. Tonight, she’s in the hospital after someone nearly beat her to death.

This is what Kay Odle usually looks like: a happy, smiling grandmother. However, you wouldn’t recognize her today. This is what she looks like now as she fights in the ICU.

When Kay’s daughter, Beth Tweed, got the call that her mom had been brutally attacked on New Year’s day, she says her worst fear came true.

“I fell to my knees and said ‘no, no,’” said Tweed.”We were shocked, but not surprised.”

Tweed alleges that her brother forced his way into their mom’s home. According to Tweed, he then assaulted his mother by the kitchen table. Kay was able to get into her bedroom here and call 911. Tweed says her brother was likely on drugs.

The nightmare wasn’t over. Tweed says her brother kicked this door down. Then, Tweed says Kay tried to get to the backyard, but he swung from this gazabo to kick her down.

“She has a bad knee and can’t walk well and so God carried her through it,” said Tweed.

Relatives say he also assaulted Kay’s dog, but the dog is in good spirits.

This holiday season has been particularly heartbreaking for the family. Kay is a recent widow. Her husband died on Thanksgiving unexpectedly from heart failure.  On top of all of this, Kay is now raising her four-year-old granddaughter with special needs by herself.

“We were all already mourning the loss of my father,” said Tweed. “My brother is now nothing to us. We lost him to drugs a while ago but now, we’ll never talk to him again so as weird as it sounds, I’m mourning the loss of him.”

Tweed says her mother is experiencing traumatic flashbacks and has plenty of broken bones, but nothing can break her spirit.

“She wants her story to touch lives,” said Tweed. “She wants something good to come of this. I don’t think many people would be sitting in ICU right now saying those things.”

Between the painful memories of Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the holidays will likely always be a difficult time for the family. However, Tweed says she and her mom are moving forward as a new family of two instead of a family of four.

The Sioux Falls Police Department is treating this as an aggravated assault case. Police say they have arrested a suspect. Tonight, Kay is slowly regaining her sense of smell. She’ll need nose surgery next week, and possibly more operations later on. A family friend has established a gofundme page to help with the financial burden.

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