SD Political Pundits Preview 2019 National, State Legislative Sessions

Two of the communities we may see really start to struggle as the government shut down drags on

“Until it really bites or hurts (the general public), things aren’t going to change,” Dave Roetman, a spokesperson for the South Dakota Republican Party, told KDLT News Today Friday morning.

Roetman, the County Chair and State Finance Director for the SDRP, was referring to the partial government shutdown, now in its 14th day. Despite a measure passed overnight by the U.S. House of Representatives to end the stalemate, neither Roetman, nor Sam Parkinson, Executive Director of the State Democratic Party, believe an end is near.

“People want a solution, there are a lot of folks out there who rely on governmental assistance that they need the help, there are low income mothers who aren’t getting nutritional assistance for their kids. That’s a real problem because that program shuts down when the government’s not working. So we need to address that right away. Same with the tribes. The tribes don’t get funded. More on what the two had to say in the interview below.

Parkinson and Roetman also offer insight on a couple of bills they agree will get a lot of attention in the upcoming state legislative session, SB17 being one of them. A nursing home crisis in South Dakota is another topic the two agreed would be one to watch. And they addressed what Kristi Noem being sworn in as our next Governor might mean, both inside and outside of the dome.

The two political insiders will routinely appear on KDLT News Today throughout the new legislative session in South Dakota, to help sort through the rhetoric of the bills being debated and offer perspective on what’s happening in Pierre. Watch for them every Tuesday in the coming months.

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