Kristi Noem Sworn in as South Dakota’s 33rd Governor

PIERRE, S.D.- Saturday, March 5th marked the 2019 South Dakota Inauguration at the state capitol in Pierre. South Dakota lawmakers and leaders were sworn into office but the main event was to welcome in the new governor.

Thousands of people gathered at the state capitol to witness history. Kristi Noem was sworn in as the 33rd governor of the State of South Dakota. She received a standing ovation.

“The oath that I just took, it is a promise and a commitment to everyone in this state. I promise to govern in a way that will benefits all people of South Dakota,” said Gov. Noem.

She’s now the first woman to be elected as governor in South Dakota, but doesn’t want that to define her.

“I offered up my experience and my vision to the people of South Dakota to earn their vote. I did not campaign on my gender,” said Governor Noem.

She praised legislators for keeping South Dakota in good shape.

“There are policies in place including low taxes, low regulation, our business friendly approach that have served our state very well,” said Gov. Noem.

She also thanked her predecessor Dennis Daugaard for his work.

Governor Noem says her goal is to be the most connected governor South Dakota has ever had.

“I want to hear from you early and often and together we can build on our states solid foundation with innovative new policies that will help make South Dakota an example to the nation,” said Gov. Noem.

The governor says her focus will be on the next generation, and that she will make decisions on policy and legislation based on how it will affect them.

“For our kids, our teenagers, our young adults. That’s what motivates so many of us across walks of life,” said Gov. Noem.

With a photo of her late father on stage beside her, Governor Noem ends her inauguration speech by crediting her family. With their support, she’s looking forward to the next four years in office.

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