E-Bikes Coming to Bike Path This Week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A new mode of transportation is coming to the Sioux Falls bike path starting this week. It’ll look familiar, but there’s a built-in boost.

Electric bikes can be spotted on the bike path starting Thursday. They were originally only permitted on city streets.

Chad Pickard of Spoke-N-Sport says he’s excited for these bikes to be allowed.

“It’s something new and it’s something different. A lot of the people who are buying E-Bikes probably aren’t cyclist traditionally, so it’s exciting to see those people get on a bike and be mobile without using a car,” says Pickard.

E-Bikes look similar to regular bicycles, but they have a battery, motor and can go up to 20 miles per hour. Pickard says the biggest misconception about the bikes is their speed. That’s where the bike’s motor assist comes in.

“The assist no longer helps at 20 miles per hour and above. You actually feel the motor disengage. It’s not like a clunk or anything but you just feel it disengage, and then it’s your own energy that has to move the bike forward,” says Pickard.

And Pickard says the motor doesn’t even sound like a motor.

“Really all that you hear is still just that chain noise that you hear on a normal bike, and then a small hum,” says Pickard.

E-Bikes can serve a variety of people.

“Maybe you have a longer commute and you don’t want to use a car. Maybe you have a spouse that is more into cycling then you are, so you could ride an E-Bike and your spouse could ride a normal non-assisted bike,” says Pickard.

Whether you’re a hard core biker or not the main goal of E-Bikes is simply to get more people out and on bikes.

“The most exciting thing about E-Bikes is that it’s just more people getting out on the bike trail and more people being active,” says Pickard.

Even though E-Bikes have motor assistance you can still get a workout in. The motor only kicks in as someone is pedaling.

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