Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Is Expanding

SIOUX FALL, SD-   In any emergency situation, you can always count on the First Responders to answer any cry for help.  Now that call is expanding.

“We’ve been working over the last couple of years to find a new location and new training campus. Where we’re at, we’re (kind of) done there and looking at a new place,” says Chief Brad Goodroad of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue.

In 2021, Station 12 along with a new training facility will be the newest additions to the fire rescue team. The new station will be located on the east side of town on 41st and Faith.  The department is still looking for a location for the training facility.

Goodroad explains, “In 2019 (here), we hope to purchase land to be able to do that. Then (kind of) the timeline on that is to build hopefully in 2020, have it staffed, and up and running by 2021.”

Chief Goodroad says this will help firefighters learn the newest skills and report to emergencies quicker.

“When you look at the community as we grow, we need to keep up with that growth for our response time,” says Goodroad.  “This new fire station will be on the east side of town in an area that definitely is ready for that fire station to be in place.”

There will also be new opportunities for future E.M.Ts.  Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is working to start a new Advanced Life Support training program, otherwise known as A.L.S. for Basic E.M.Ts.

“We’ve been working through our E.M.S. Leadership group through the city and we’re now able to have that up and running this year,” says Goodroad.

Since applications are accepted every 2 years, Station 12 will be looking for new firefighters during the next application process in 2020.

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