Bills to Watch as Legislators Return to Pierre

Legislators are back in Pierre for the 2019 Legislative Session and Tuesday’s State of the State is the first of several big speeches to come. Wednesday is the State of the Judiciary and Thursday, the State of the Tribes. Lawmakers will just begin to look at some of the bills before them – including presumptive probation, nursing home funding, a statewide 2-1-1 system, legislation to address access to mental health care, bills that deal with state ag, family law, the definition of meat, and who can be hired or fired by someone who might already hold a position with the state.

Sam Parkinson, Executive Director of the State Democratic Party joined us on KDLT News Today on Tuesday. Dave Roetman, County Chair and State Finance Director for the State Republican Party, had been scheduled to appear with Parkinson to offer that party’s perspective, but had to cancel last minute this week due to illness.


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