Opioid Addiction Being Fought on New Front

Over 30 percent of the population struggles with some kind of chronic pain.

It used to be, pain pills were prescribed.

But a nation dealing with the crippling effects of an opioid epidemic is looking for alternatives. And a nationwide Chiropractic Clinic is hoping to help.

HealthSource has 350 clinics nationwide that offer chiropractic care, among other services. Its founders wanted to partner with another organization that also works to address pain, and the opioid crisis. And while you may solely think of bell ringing and the holidays when it comes to the Salvation Army, the organization is also one of the largest providers of drug treatment and drug counseling across the nation, year-round.

The two started working together in 2016 and the partnership doesn’t look to end anytime soon. Through the end of January, $20 from each new consult nationwide, the company will donate that money back to Salvation Army and its drug treatment and prevention efforts.

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