Exercises To Meet Your 2019 Fitness Goals

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – With the new year now upon us, fitness is on many of our minds.

Many of us have goals to achieve better health, but might not know what exercises will get us the results we desire.  Annie ‘Fit Chic’ Mello broke down three great exercises to do in order to make 2019 a healthy year.

First, Mello stresses the importance of the ‘burpee.’ The move gives you an all-in-one body workout, and doesn’t require much space to do so. “The burpee is so effective because it’s cardio, it’s arms, it’s legs, and it’s core. So you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You can do a limited amount, in a limited space, and get a lot of results” said Mello.

There’s two variations to the burpee: the ‘full-burpee’ and the ‘half-burpee.’ A full-burpee involves a push-up and jump, while a half-burpee stops in the plank position.

Next comes the ‘kettle bell swing.’ A kettle bell is only one piece of equipment that gives you the opportunity to work out your entire body, according to Mello. She also says the kettle bell is great for whatever fitness level you may be at, and easily accessible.

“It’s really good for your arms, your core, your glutes, and your hamstrings. If you don’t come to CPM Fitness, which you should, than you can definitely check online. Go to Google and just google ‘how to do a proper kettle bell swing,’ and that really helps so you’re not just trying to figure it out on your own,” said Mello.

The third and final movement Mello walked us through is the weighted, or non-weighted, step up. “You can do this at home with any stair or ottoman. It’s really good for your glutes, and a great way to get your legs toned,” Mello says.

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