“I Forgive You” – Man Accused of Trying to Kill Mother Dies in Custody

Warning: some of the images included are graphic.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – An unexpected ending tonight in the case of a man charged with nearly killing his mother. He was supposed to appear in court today. Instead, the warden says that  the 40-year-old died in jail this morning.

Not long ago, Kay Odle found herself at a funeral, a painful reminder that death can happen at any moment.

“I don’t know if I could do this if it was Larry, and not even a week later, it was Larry,” said Kay.

Sure enough, her husband died unexpectedly on Thanksgiving from heart failure. That’s what brought her son, Jesse Odle, to her house on yet another holiday: New Year’s Day. Jesse Odle forced his way into the home and started to crying to Kay about how much he missed his dad, Larry, but then suddenly, he changed his tone.

“He rubbed his hands together and he said, ‘demons, demons, demons, oh demons are real’ and and I said, ‘why are we talking about demons?’’” said Kay.

Jesse started brutally assaulting his 68-year-old mom. His sister Beth says Jesse’s “demons” were drugs.  Kay escaped into her bedroom here, but then he kicked down the door. Suddenly, Kay was about to come face-to-face with death, too.

“That’s one of the sounds that keeps coming back,” said Kay. “I can hear the pounding-pounding-pounding think he’s going to get at me again and I’m going to die.”

Amazingly, Kay was able to call 911 while she heard Jesse beat her beloved dog, Lacey.

Kay has been in the ICU while her son has been in custody. Kay actually has a friend who works at the jail as a minister. Her friend told her last night that Jesse was praying, on what would end up being the last night of his life.

“Jesse was asking Jesus to be Lord of his life, so that’s the victory,” said Kay. “Jesse’s soul is safe and secure in heaven.”

Now, Jesse is causing a different kind of pain.

“They also continued life-saving efforts but they were not successful, and he was pronounced deceased at the jail,” said Warden Jeff Gromer.

Now, she’ll never get to tell him this: “I love you,” said Kay. “I don’t hate you. I forgive you.”

Kay’s wounds, both physical and emotional , are fresh. However, she’s ready to share her story, hoping it will inspire people struggling with addiction to get help right away.

”His choices of drugs abuse, took that and twisted it for evil and God wants to take it and use it for good,” said Kay.

There’s even more to this unbelievable story. Kay is now raising Jesse’s four-year-old daughter with special needs all by herself. Kay has a long list of doctor’s appointments in her future, but for now, she says she’s more focused on God’s plan for her.

”Physically, I am a mess,” said Kay. “Spiritually I am victorious.”

The family says Jesse was on suicide watch. However, the warden says they don’t believe Jesse’s death was a suicide nor homicide at this time. The coroner is scheduled to perform an autopsy, while Kay is now planning another family funeral.

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