New Tech Students Building Buddy Benches for School District

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Buddy benches are finding more popularity on playgrounds around the country, including Sioux Falls.

Students at New Tech High School are teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to build benches for the school district. The benches are designed to help students who are feeling down or lonely – or just want to make a new friend – by giving them a place to hang out.

Kellie Schultz, a teacher at New Tech says their students approached them with the idea and are taking real ownership of the project.

“Many of them may have been in those situations where they need a friend on a particular day and to be able to help a younger student, I think is something they thought way pretty cool,” said Schultz.

“Giving back, it’d probably the best thing you’ll ever experience in your life and I know I’m just a senior in high school but I’ve done a lot of giving and I’ve received more by volunteering and giving back than I think they’ll ever realize,” said Caitlin Schneider.

This was just the first step, the students will paint the benches next month and then deliver them in April. The schools receiving the benches have not been announced yet.

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