Amid Government Shutdown, Sioux Falls Man Cleans and Tunes Up Cars

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – With the government shutdown brings uncertainty and possibly financial hardship. It has many people, including veterans, uneasy about what’s to come. One Sioux Falls man wants to give his neighbors a clean slate during this difficult time.

When someone wants to talk, Emmett Willis from Maintenance Detail LLC never shuts them down.

“[He’s] someone I can bounce off of,” said Larry Williams, a Vietnam veteran. “As veterans, a lot of us, it’s hard to open up to a lot of people.”

That’s because Willis comes from a military family.

“Military brat,” said Willis.

Right now, many of us are feeling blue.

“I have a family as well, and just to think about that, it sickens me,” said Willis.

That’s why Willis is fixing up and cleaning cars of anyone impacted by the government shut down for free.

“My car is clean, a sense of confidence, you know,” said Willis. “I can go get stuff done. You know, they take the worries of the day and it’s like I washed them away with the soap.”

One of them is Larry Williams, a disabled vietnam vet.

“The diagnosis that I have-  I have post-traumatic stress disorder and I work with a great psychiatrist or a therapist, so I could lose him if this shutdown keeps going,” said Williams.

Williams calls this car “Blue Angel.” His car is blue and yellow, to symbolize his service in the air force.

“Just make sure that they’re (the government) is there for us, because we signed that blank check, and a lot of us didn’t come home,” said Williams.

To remember the other angels that never made it home.

If you’ve been impacted by the government shut down, Willis will clean your car, check your breaks and tires – even top off your oil. He just asks that you bring some kind of proof or government identification.

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