Data-Journalist Explains Economic and Political Impacts of MegaKota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The idea of combing North and South Dakota has probably popping into the minds of some folks over the years. An online petition was recently started for President Trump to actually make that a reality.

It is going to take a lot more than 13,000 or so signatures to make MegaKota a reality. Image yourself as a MegaKotan. What would be the biggest benefit of the two states combining?

“It would also be a major Ag powerhouse, combining two Ag heavy states, a Dakota or MegaKota, with around 16 billion dollars in combined Ag revenue. The nations 6th biggest farm economy just behind Minnesota,” says data-journalist David Montgomery.

David Montgomery is a data journalist who took interest in gathering facts about the combines state and he says being a Megakotan would also mean we could brag about how big our state is. Neither North or South Dakotans can do that now.

“You are the 4th largest state which would outweigh increased driving and flying people had to do to get around to other parts of the state for various corporate or political business. It would convey that same sort of increased scale and importance,” says Montgomery.

The two biggest cities in MegaKota would be Sioux Falls and Fargo, but neither of those cities would geographically make sense to be the capitol of the state. So where would it be?

“The center of population, would be somewhere near the town of Ipswich in South Dakota, Aberdeen would be the closest major city to that, so that would certainly be one possibility,” says Montgomery.

Montgomery says that could create the first feud in MegaKota. He says the over 13,000 signatures would have to turn into about half a million pretty quick for President Trump to take notice, but it’s fun to talk about for now.

Montgomery has done his research, even the political side of combining the states. North and South Dakota would have to give up one senate spot each. But MegaKota would gain a house of representative seat to make a total two with the increased population.

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