Feeding South Dakota Working to Keep Community Fed During Government Shutdown

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – During the government shutdown millions are bracing for the possibility of losing their SNAP benefits for food assistance. That includes thousands of South Dakotans.

The Department of Social Services says nearly 90,000 people in South Dakota received SNAP benefits in November. Nearly half were children under 18.

Officials with Feeding South Dakota say they’re working to bring in more food, more volunteers, and more financial resources to help meet the needs. But they say it won’t be easy.

“We do know we’ll have to see about a 100 precent increase in our food distributions because there’s goin to be so much of a need in our community. So we are gearing up and we’ll be ready for those folks if they come our way,” said Development Director Christina Oey.

Feeding South Dakota is also looking to help federal employees who are currently bring furloughed or asked to work without pay.

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