2nd Annual Hockey Day in South Dakota


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-   Hockey games are in full force across South Dakota and Saturday, January 12th was a special day for players and fans. It’s the second annual Hockey Day.

“It’s a sport that’s growing and growing, but especially I think in the state of South Dakota,” said Jim Olander with the Sioux Falls Stampede.

Over the past few years hockey has gained quite the following

“Having the Stampede creates quite a buzz,” said Daniel Houck, Director of Hockey for the Sioux Falls Flyers.

The minor league team has helped in inspiring the next generation of players.

“We are seeing more and more kids get involved with playing hockey,” said Olander.

Which is why the Sioux Falls Stampede began partnering with the Sioux Falls Flyers to hold an annual Hockey Day in South Dakota.

“Give them the opportunity to display some of the young hockey talent we have in the area,” said Olander.

The Sioux Falls Flyers is a hockey organization with around 600 kids ages four to 18.

“We have a city league program for kids that aren’t interested in playing travel and then our travel programs compete all over from within the state and across Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota,” said Houck.

In honor of Hockey Day they had ten hockey games play throughout the day at the Premiere Center And The SCHEELS IcePlex.

“The kids look forward to this, I mean it’s probably on their calendars since the spring, summer,” said Houck.

Hockey day is not just for the kids though, but all the fans. Anyone in the community was welcome to come out and celebrate the sport. Matt Tobin is a hockey parent and a fan. He’s glad to see that hockey now has its own special day.

“It’s a great way to invite people out that have been apart of the hockey community, whether they’ve had kids involved in the past or they have younger kids of lower age groups, but it’s really a great day to feature hockey in South Dakota,” said Houck.

Proving that South Dakota is a truly a hockey strong state.

The flyers are always looking for more kids who want to play hockey. On February 23rd, the Flyers are holding a “let’s try hockey” free event, so kids can try out the sport and see if they like it.

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