Hartford Area Restaurants Go Head to Head in First Burger Battle Challenge

HARTFORD AREA, SD– There’s a new competition in the Hartford area that will leave you hungry for more.    Four restaurants in the Hartford area are firing up their grills for the first ever “Hartford Burger Battle Challenge.”

“January is (kind of) a slower month in the food industry. We’re looking for ways to get people out of their homes and into our businesses and finding a way for them to get online to have some fun at the same time,’ says Economic Developer for Hartford and Chamber of Commerce Jesse Fonkert.

The Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea to showcase what local restaurants have to offer, but it also brings out a little friendly competition.

Fonkert explains, “We love seeing the members of the community go to the different businesses and showcase that they are supporting the Hartford area businesses. It’s been great to see the community support in this project as well as the businesses involved and getting really competitive.”

Here’s how it works: visit one of the four participating restaurants, and try the selected burger.  Burgers are then scored on originality, presentation, service, and overall taste.   People can also share their burger online, with the “hashtag” Hartford Burger Battle.   The burger with the highest overall score wins.

“Blue 42” and “Big J’s Road House” are two of the restaurants in this year’s competition

“We’re the largest restaurant in the area, so we absolutely wanted to be all about it and we like supporting local. (You know) our whole goal is to get people out not necessarily eating here, but eating here in Hartford,” says “Blue 42” Owner Tony Axtell.

Owner of Big J’s Road House Justin Kjellsen adds,  “It gives us a chance to showcase what we do. It’s not just about the burger. It’s about the service. It’s about the passion. It’s about the quality.”

No matter how small or how big the burger is that you try, having an empty stomach is recommended by all the restaurants.

Other restaurants include “The Goat” and “Hartford Steak Co. Tavern.”  The winning restaurant will receive a trophy and plaque with the title “Best Burger in the Hartford Area.”  Voting is until January 31st.

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