Vlastuin Carries on Family Tradition at Lennox

Vlastuin Carries on Family Tradition at Lennox

LENNOX, SD…Being a Lennox Oriole is in Madysen Vlastuin’s blood.

Madysen Vlastuin, Lennox Junior:”My two brothers and sister played at Lennox and my dad played. My mom was a cheerleader. I’m ten years younger from my closest sibling so I’ve been watching them play basketball at Lennox my whole life. So I think watching that kind of set in for me like what I should be like…”

While her brother Jared’s Oriole exploits were the stuff of legend in Lennox, Madysen found another South Dakota prep star to emulate.

Madysen says:”The one player I really look up to is Macy Miller a lot. Like when she was in the state tournament against Washington, I like wanted to take a picture with her so bad…”

And now it’s Vlastuin’s turn in the spotlight.

Adam Quail, Lennox GBB Coach:”She can score at all three levels. She can score from behind the arc and she can score from in the post so it takes a special defender to be able to challenge her…”

Starting as a freshman, Madysen is already well past 1,000 career points. She helped lead the Orioles to a state runner up finish in her first year, and has them at the top of the state rankings as a junior.

Madysen says:”I aim for being an all-around player, like I just don’t want to do just one thing…”

Quail says:”She has a very competitive spirit. She doesn’t like to lose. She wants to play at a high level all the time. So she holds her teammates accountable and they expect that from here…”

And that will help her follow in both her brother and Macy Miller’s footsteps, committing to play basketball at South Dakota State.

And as for that picture she wanted with Macy…..

Madysen says:”I actually did…at the end of the game, yup…”

And there’s a good chance Madysen will be getting some photo requests in the near future.

In Lennox, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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