Fire In Ellsworth, Minnesota Destroys City Hall

ELLSWORTH, MN– “I’ve been on for 23 years and this is (probably) the worst fire I’ve seen in town.”

The town of Ellsworth, Minnesota is now missing a piece of their identity after a fire broke out early Tuesday morning in City Hall.

“Your part of history is going. Your part of everybody’s well-being is going. You’re knocking people out of jobs. It’s never good. A fire is never good,” says the Mayor of Ellsworth Tasha Domeyer.

The fire was called in around 6:15 after a bus driver noticed smoke while pulling out of the garage.  The Ellsworth Fire Department arrived within 5 minutes along with 9 neighboring departments, including Luverne and Adrian.  Officials say no one was in the building and no injuries were reported.  They were able to save what ever they could, but thankfully any paper work within the last year should be okay.

Domeyer explains, “We got hard drives out and took a bunch of filing cabinets. Anything that’s semi current we should have out.”

In order to safely control the fire and to secure the rest of the town, fire fighters had to demolish the back end of the building.

‘That is the best way to take the building down for fear that the building will fall on our water tower, which we don’t want to ruin our water tower,” says Chief Terry DeBeer of the Ellsworth Fire Department.

It took about 4 hours to put out the fire.  School and other businesses were closed for the day in order to fully use the town’s water supply.  As for the city, they are taking the next steps one day at a time.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  City Hall was the oldest building in town and was constructed in 1904 after the original building was ironically destroyed by fire.  City officials say losing this building is devastating for the town.

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