Local Organizations Help Federal Workers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-It’s day 26 of the partial government shutdown. Some federal employees are still out of work or not getting paid. That includes some in the Sioux Empire like people at EROS, the Federal Courthouse and local offices for the U.S. Ag Department. So businesses around the Sioux Empire are offering up some support.

The Original Pancake House has been feeding the Sioux Falls community for over 12 years.

“We have people, regulars that come in here every day, so it Is kind of like a small family that we have here, including our customers and so we want everyone to feel welcome,” said General Manager, Beth Cogley.

During the partial government shutdown staff isn’t going to let federal workers and their families go hungry.

“You know we came together as a group and we really empathized what the families were going through and wanted to give back in a way we know how,” said Cogley.

Monday through friday workers can stop in for free eggs, hash browns and pancakes. All they have to do is show their federal ID.

“They’re very grateful. They thank us for our generosity and they’re very excited about it,” said Cogley.

When people fall into hard times it affects the whole family including pets. The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is making sure furry loved ones are being fed as well. On Facebook they invited furloughed workers  in need of dog or cat food and litter to use their community food bank.

“It’s gotten many shares and many comments, which has been really cool for the community to share it to you know allow people to know that this is a program or something that they can utilize,” said Allison Wyant, Special Events Coordinator.

The non-profit feeds their pets through donations. They specifically feed them only Purina brand food, so the food is consistent for the pets. However, they are always willing to take any brand of food donations. Anything not Purina they use for their community food bank to help people in need. People can use the food bank once a month and must show a photo ID.

“The food can really add up and be expensive, so this is just a way, I mean the community does so much for us and so many donations drives and fundraisers, this is one way we can try and give back also,” said Wyant.

Through the struggles of this government shutdown, the Sioux Empire is showing how strong the community can be when everyone comes together to help each other out.


Some other places offering deals for furloughed workers include:


  • Airbnb- They just announced a new program, ‘A Night On Us,’ to support Airbnb federal executive branch employees in South Dakota. Any federal employee in South Dakota who hosts their home as an Airbnb for three nights between December 18, 2018 and March 18, 2019 will get up to $110 extra.


  • Shahi Palace India Grill-They are giving away free lunch to any federal employee that brings in their federal ID.
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