South Dakota Businesses Increasingly Targeted by Ransomware

What you need to know to protect yourself

As we become increasingly connected, crooks are finding more and more ways to infiltrate (easily, by the way) our systems. One of our tech experts, Will Bushee, explains why there is a rise in ransomware, how it differs from a virus infecting your technology, that businesses with a lot at stake are being targeted and many in our region have been hit recently, as well as the fact that they can lurk around for upwards of a year around your network.


Most small businesses are not prepared at all, says Bushee.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Home Users

1) Keep your computer updated

2) Use a good email provider

3) Perform backups of your data

4) Keep backups off-site

Small Businesses

1) Deploy ransomware protection

2) Train employees on what to look for

3) Have a plan if you are attacked

4) Keep sensitive data off the network

If you are attacked, you have two options; delete everything OR pay the ransom. It may be best to hire someone on your behalf if you decide to pay. It’s not always the best option, according to Bushee, because there are no guarantees. Typically, the criminals will request payment as well in bitcoin.

There are a number of ransomware/virus scanners on market today. One reputable product is Bitdefender.

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