DWU’s Jason Christensen Back On The Bench

MITCHELL, S.D. — Jason Christensen’s been at the helm of the Dakota Wesleyan Women’s Basketball team for 9 years. He’s fresh off his best season that included a national title.

However, a health concern this season put his coaching career on pause.


Head Coach Jason Christensen is the winningest coach in DWU women’s basketball history.

However his greatest battle came this November.


“Routine colonoscopy and the doctors here in Mitchell found a little spot. Did a biopsy and found out it was cancer and went over to the Mayo Clinic. It was pretty rare stuff. My Mayo doctor told it was like finding a needle in a haystack, so I was pretty lucky,” says Jason Christensen DWU Women’s Basketball Head Coach.


Christensen’s been coaching for 21 years with 9 at DWU, and he’s never missed a game.

This cancer scare sidelined him for 3.


“So then it became 2 games and then it became three games, and it was one of those deals where I didn’t recover as quick as I did,” says Christensen.


And the head coach’s ability to fight wasn’t questioned.


“Jason’s a leader. He’s got so many great leadership qualities, and he brings so much to the table as far as the x’s and o’s go to the game. From he get go he attacked it head on just like he has everything and his whole coaching career,” Jon Hart DWU Athletic Director.


“I put a lot of things in perspective that month a lot of things were going through my head. When you hear the cancer word or the c-word it’s not a good word to hear,” says Christensen.


The Tigers are roaring this season sitting No. 1 in the country with only 2 losses, and it’s evident they feed off their leader.


“I just say he’s the heart of the team. He just cares so much, and you can see it when he’s out on the floor. He’s yelling he’s screaming, and it transfers to us,” says Rylie Osthus DWU Senior Guard.


Luckily the cancer spot was found in its early stages.


“I was able to have surgery on it. We took care of it and I’m cancer free. It’s behind me and I can get to what I love to do and that’s coaching,” says Christensen.


Possibly coaching his team to another national title.

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