Haley’s Haircut: Twin Supports Sister Battling Childhood Cancer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The word “cancer” takes on a new meaning when it happens to someone you know.

It recently hit home here at KDLT.

Our chief photographer Adam Huntimer’s life was turned on its head last month when his 5-year-old daughter, Holly, was diagnosed.

It’s been a life changing experience for the entire family, especially for Holly’s twin sister Haley.

In their short five years of life, the two have gone through absolutely everything together, and cancer would prove to be no different.

The Huntimer twins are two peas in a pod.

“Pretty much been inseparable,” said mom Amy. “We had separate cribs for them. When we changed it into toddler beds, they ending up sleeping with each other, next to each other, every night and it hasn’t really changed since.”

The two are similar in just about every way, except for when it comes to movie preferences.

HALEY: “I like to watch the Lion King!”
HOLLY: “No! It will make me scared!”

Having an identical twin means you go through everything together.

But this winter, something happened to Holly that had a big impact on Haley.

“And I knew something wasn’t right because Holly wanted to be left alone, ‘Don’t lay by me don’t touch me, don’t… whatever,’ just didn’t want anything to do with Haley,” said Amy.

After a number of doctors visits and tests, Holly was diagnosed with parameningeal rhabdosarcoma.

She’s currently undergoing treatment, which brought another big change.

“She had long hair like mine, and curly. So when the chemo, we were about 3 weeks in with chemo, and it just kind of started falling out,” said Amy.

Holly became insecure about her bald head. That’s when her best friend stepped in.

HOLLY: “Because she’s trying to get a haircut, just like me.”
-How does that make you feel?
HALEY: “Makes me feel good.”

Inch by inch, Haley starts to look more like her identical sister again.

The new ‘do is of course, mom approved.

“Their relationship has been altered. Obviously Holly’s life has changed dramatically but it’s been affecting a lot of us in our family. So I really think anything they can do to enhance that bond as twin sisters is awesome.”

Holly now continues to fight with new confidence and her twin sister right by her side.

“They are a team, and we are all fighting together.”

Haley’s haircut was provided free-of-charge by Ambiance Salon in Sioux Falls.

Holly undergoes chemotherapy every week with proton radiation planned at the Mayo Clinic next month.

A “GoFundMe” account has been set up to help the Huntimer’s with medical expenses, find a link here: Holly’s Cancer Journey.

A fundraiser, Hop For Holly, will take place Feb. 11 at Air Madness in Harrisburg. More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/795323297517065/

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