Avoiding Scams in Video Games, Bug Recently Found in Fortnite

Online video games are catching the attention of cyber criminals who are able to scam players. The most recent game this has happened with is the popular video game “Fortnite.”

Recently Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite announced that there was a bug in their system. hackers sent out links in the game. If someone clicked on the link, it would give the hacker the ability to login as that player.

“Then once they were logged in as you, they could do whatever they wanted including buying things or pretending that they’re you in the game or even listening into some of the conversations,” said Will Bushee, Author of Wired for Coding.

Bushee says Fornite attracts hackers because of the number of people who play the game. According to Epic Games about 80 million people play fortnite every month.

“It’s exactly like phishing from an emails perspective. They send you a link and try to get you to click on it and of coarse if there’s a lot of people they can send links to the chance of clicking a link goes up,” said Bushee.

He says this type of scam can happen on many online sites.

“Pretty much anything that’s going to be an online service, whether it’s a game or even just a site like Facebook or LinkedIn,” said Bushee.

“As soon as we’ve moved the games to the cloud and when there’s other servers involved we just don’t have access to them when playing the games. It just opens a lot more possibilities for hackers to get in and do things.”

But what can players do to avoid being hacked?

“So the big advice would be not to click on links that people send you within in the in-game chat, even if they’re from people you do know,” said Bushee.

Many players are kids. Bushee says it’s important that parents educate them on cyber safety.

“Remind them not to click on links or not to click on things that they don’t understand,” said Bushee.

He also recommends players  monitor their account activity.

“See if maybe people are logging in that aren’t you. Maybe keep an eye on your fiend list to see if it’s changing without you knowing it and also if you’re buying things within the game make sure what shows up on your credit card matches what you’ve actually bought,” said Bushee.

That way people can game easy knowing their information isn’t being compromised.

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