Behind The Scenes Of The Dance Gallery’s Production of “Sleeping Beauty”



SIOUX FALLS, SD-  Dancing is art and at the Dance Gallery of South Dakota they always showcase their talents at their recitals.  Hard work, dedication, and passion perfectly describe the Dance Gallery’s production of “The Sleeping Beauty.” It’s about talent and “pointing” your foot in the right direction.

Since the summer, 135 dancers along with the over 20 actors and volunteers have been preparing for the show.

“2-3 times a year, we have a pre-professional type of a program.  This year we have ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ ” says Director and Dance Gallery Owner Jackie Pederson-Kriens.

From the make-up to the handmade costumes, the 2 hour ballet is a cast mainly of kids ranging from age 5 all the way to college.  Besides learning the routines for each number, rehearsals for this show focuses on intertwining those steps with performing.

Kriens explains, “When you get to the theater you’re trying to take all the wing set and the back-drop set.  You’re working on how do you focus in the theater.  You got to focus straight up to the last seat of the house.”

Jackie Pederson-Kriens says this is one of the most demanding shows to perform and the cast really dedicated their time to the show.

“When you think of all that time, spending 4+ days a week rehearsing and dancing,” says Kriens.  “I mean they have put a lifetime into their’s nothing snuff at when you say kids are dancing, they are accomplished dancers.”

This is a family affair for Simon, Julian, Noelie and Kevin Cole.  While Kevin is not a trained dancer like his kids, he sees this more as an opportunity to learn what they do and how hard they work at it.

“I mean, I’ve always had a (sort of) a theoretical appreciation.  But now that I’m in the show, I have (certainly) a greater appreciation for what they do and a greater appreciation for the art of ballet,” says Kevin Cole who plays “The King.”

The last performance of  “Sleeping Beauty” is Sunday at 2 pm.  For more information on the Dance Gallery of South Dakota, visit

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