Third Annual Women’s March in Downtown Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-People across the nation and in the Sioux Empire marched Saturday Jan. 19th in support of women as a part of the 2019 National Women’s March. This is the third year of the Women’s March In Sioux Falls. Usually supporters will march the streets of downtown, but cold temperatures forced the event indoors this year. That didn’t stop people from celebrating and sharing their views.  

“You know it’s really cool, it is a girls day. It’s really fun to see, you know all different kinds of women and men coming together and celebrating us and we deserve that,” said Kelsey Koupal.

“As a native women myself and a mom wanting to show my children what support in this community is like and how much it’s grown,” said Melissa Buffalo.

The rally centered around women’s rights and equality.

“This event is to uplift women women in our community who still go through a lot at the hands of different types of discrimination and the point of this is to go ahead and uplift our community specifically in Sioux Falls and the strong women who lead us,” said Reina Boots Parker, Sioux Falls Women’s March Volunteer.

Women shared their personal experiences along with a message of hope and positivity. State legislators stopped by to show their support.  

“I’m so pleased to see more women in the state legislature, Democrats and Republicans because it’s very important for women to take hold of issues. They are a majority in population, but still a minority in the political sphere, so it’s very important and I support it greatly,” Michael Saba, South Dakota State Rep. for District 9.

With each handmade sign, and loud chant, supporters hope these types of events are a good start to making a difference.

Women’s Marches were also held in Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and London.

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