Local Business Helps Keep the Art of Calligraphy Alive

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Technology has integrated its way into many areas of our daily lives, but one class in Sioux Falls is proving that many people still enjoy writing with good old pen and paper.

At “Oh My Word Paperie” in Sioux Falls the old art of decorative handwriting comes to life. Chelsea Burtis teaches a “Basics To Hand Lettering And Modern Calligraphy” Workshop.  Her goal is to keep the art of hand lettering and calligraphy alive.

“It means so much more when somebody sees the personal touch of handwriting and they know that someone spent time more time actually think about me and writing toward me and I think that is something we have to save,” said Burtis.

It takes time and practice, but she says anyone can do it.

“It is really fun and exciting for me to see people who don’t consider themselves artistic or have the handwriting. To see them have this light bulb, and to find out that in just 90 minutes they’re doing really good handwriting that they didn’t know they could do. It’s really fun for me,” said Burtis.

She credits Pinterest for helping calligraphy make a comeback and her class is usually full of people eager to learn.

“It’s an art form that’s sort of going by the wayside with texting and social media and Snapchat and all of those types of things that we can get on our devices and this really creates a personal connection with your loved ones, said Participant, Allison Russell.

While it may look intimidating at first, Burtis breaks down each technique step by step giving everyone the opportunity to create beautiful letters.

“I learned some great techniques, it was very easy and fun,” said Russell.

One letter at a time, Burtis hopes to inspire more people to pick up that often neglected pen and paper.

The 90 minute class costs 30 dollars. Class schedules will be posted on the “Oh My Word Paperie’s”  Facebook page.

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