Pushing for 211, Better Mental Health Resources in Moody County

FLANDREAU, SD – “Being a lifelong member of this community and caring about this community, I just wanted to get involved and see if I could help in some small way,” said Todd Sanderson.

Sanderson is among thirty local residents, pastors, ag business leaders, and neighbors that meet weekly to try and improve the mental health resources for local farmers, and others throughout Moody County. Times are increasingly tough for a number of neighbors. Suicide is a very real concern. And the region is among many in South Dakota that doesn’t yet have access to 211, a helpline for those in need.

While the group works to gather the funds to get 211 started, Moody County Cares is hosting a free forum in the hopes of reaching those that can be a resource for others in the community, and for those who could use some help, themselves. To learn more about the initiative and why so many feel it is needed, click on the story below.  For more on the free forum this Sunday, January 27, click here.


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