School Zone: DSU Students Prep For ‘Global Game Jam’

MADISON, S.D. – Creating a video game from scratch can take months or even years to do, but could you imagine doing it in 48 hours? Oh yeah, without any breaks either?

That’s what lies ahead of the students at The Beacom Computer and Cyber Sciences at Dakota State University.

Starting Friday night at 5:00pm, students will compete in the ‘Global Game Jam’ competition. The competition forces students to create an entire video game, from scratch, in 48 hours.

Each year has a specific theme to base the video game around. After learning the theme, students will split up into groups. A unique aspect is that many times students have never met those in their groups, and often times have to communicate through video chat. The reason for this, is that the competition’s playground is world-wide.

From creating the storyline, to diligent coding, and working with strangers, the 48 hours “can get crazy.”

KDLT News Today took a trip to Madison to find out more.

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