VA Eager to End Suicide By Promoting Resources and Simple Acts

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Veteran suicide rates are on the rise across the country. Nearly 20 veterans die by suicide each day in the U.S. according to Sioux Falls Veterans Affairs.

Officials say of those 20 veterans 14 of them have not received recent VA care.

The VA is trying to prevent suicide through its resources and promoting simple acts. These acts include reaching out to a veteran with a text or a call or stopping by their house.

“Really just connecting and saying hello, how are you doing, and having a conversation with a veteran. It’s about being connected and connections with other people are huge,” says Jon Feiock with the VA.

Jason Carroll is an Army veteran. He says he’s battling PTSD, depression, anxiety and alcoholism. He lost his father who was a Navy veteran to suicide and Carroll has attempted.

He says he’s pleased with the VA’s suicide prevention efforts and encourages anyone who is struggling to reach out to the VA.

“Brothers sisters you’re not alone. I’ve had several battle buddies who have committed suicide for the simple fact they didn’t know where to go. Any VA, crisis line, reach out to anybody that you can,” says Carroll.

The VA provides same day mental health appointments. There is also a suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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