Resources and Tips Available to Stretch SNAP Benefits

SOUTH DAKOTA-More than 93,000 South Dakotans depend on SNAP to feed themselves and their families. Due to the partial government shutdown many have had to make those funds last longer than usual because February SNAP benefits were released early on January 20th. Usually they’re released on the 10th of each month. According to the family and community health field specialists at the SDSU Extension Office, even though the government is back open folks still won’t receive their March benefits until March 10th. This means they have to make their money last until then. SDSU Extension provides classes and online resources to help families stretch their food budgets.

“It’s really just kind of taking those steps to make sure you have a plan in place and that’s really what we’re suggesting, people who utilize snap, families that utilize snap are going to have to change their plan and so these are some resources to help,” said Jennifer Folliard with SDSU Ext. Food and Families Program.

These resources can be used by anyone. To learn more about how to stretch your grocery budget or SNAP funds, contact one of the eight SDSU Extension Regional Centers.

Aberdeen: 605.626.7120
Lemmon: 605.374.4177
Mitchell: 605.995.7378
Pierre: 605.773.8120
Rapid City: 605.394.2236
Watertown: 605.882.6300
Winner: 605.842.1267
Sioux Falls: 605.782.3290

There are also some online tips and articles here.




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