Wednesday Temperatures Expected To Break Records

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The National Weather Service is expecting Wednesday to break longstanding records. It will be a cold some of us have never experienced.

It’ll be a dangerously cold couple of days.

“There’s just a large area of arctic air that’s come down from the north pole and just very frigid temperatures within there and then we also have the wind on top of that,” said Peter Rogers, the National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

The coldest recorded January 30th in Sioux Falls was back in 1899, when it was -27 degrees. Meteorologists are expecting Wednesday to set a new record of -29. These temperatures do not include wind chill values. Wednesday will also be the coldest day in Sioux Falls since January 2, 2010, meaning this will the coldest day many kids’ have ever experienced.

“It’s very interesting, you know,” said Rogers. “We don’t often forecast record temperatures so whether it’s on the hot end or on the cold end, I mean it’s still a big deal.”

On the other side of town, Batteries + Bulbs is having a busy day. Many customers are coming in saying that their cell phone battery just isn’t working.

“When you’re mid-Snapchat and they clock out, and [your] 16-year-old daughter freaks out, they need to get their phone going again because they gotta keep the snap streak going,” said Ryan Bailey, the store’s general manager.

This is because batteries, including car batteries, don’t work as well in the cold. Bailey predicts that about half of cars won’t start in these temperatures.

“They get up to go to work in the morning and womp, womp, womp,” said Bailey. “A car batter, it makes electricity by a chemical reaction so when you freeze that chemical reaction it slows it way down.”

It’s a good idea to have a spare battery or battery charger.

“This is a booster pack so you can jump start your car with,” said Bailey. “Now they’ve come out with a lithium model so they’re really light, really portable.”

The bestselling booster pack is powerful enough jump start three cars or your cell phone multiple times.

If you can’t stay home, make sure to give your car plenty of time to warm up and don’t use your cell phone outside.

The NWS is predicting records across the Midwest. This includes Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. If you do have to go outside, experts say you shouldn’t leave any skin exposed.

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