Someone You Should Know: Garretson Chef Gives Back

GARRETSON, S.D.- Free coffee and soup on an extremely cold day. Although Garretson Chef, Omar Thornton closed his restaurant Wednesday, his doors were open to anyone who needed a place to warm up. This is just one of many things he’s done for his community. KDLT’S Miranda Paige introduces you to this week’s “Someone You Should Know.”

Omar Thornton has always had a passion for food. He’s proud to be the owner and chef at the restaurant  ‘O So Good’ in Garrettson. His seafood, comfort food with a southern twist has become a favorite among many.

“I’m amazed, I’m like ‘all these people are here eating what I just created,’ you know or eating stuff that’s coming out of this mind and they’re really enjoying,” said Thornton.

This restaurant means a lot to him. Not only is it his dream, but symbolizes how far he’s come in his recovery from addiction.

“It did finally come to hitting a wall to where I was arrested. From that point on I just knew that I had to take every brick that has fallen and literally go by brick by brick when it came to  me,” said Thornton.

He’s been clean for nearly three years. Through his journey, he’s learned about the importance of helping others.

“I’m going to be in recovery for the rest of my life, so part of my recovery is understanding that it’s not going to necessarily be about me, but it’s going to be about others and how I can affect their lives,” said Thornton.

So he’s decided to spread good throughout the community, which he hopes will be contagious.

“It can be you know the person that you help now, maybe when your in your time of need they’re going to turn around and help you out,” said Thornton.

Often times he finds out who is in need through the ‘Sioux Falls Pay It Forward’ Facebook page. Then Omar does anything he can to help like taking leftovers from his restaurant and preparing several meals to give out to the hungry. Sometime he drives as far as Sioux Falls to deliver them.

“To travel thirty minutes to Sioux Falls to give a free meal to make them feel good inside, it’s worth it,” said Thornton.

Omar hopes by sharing his own story he can inspire others struggling with addiction.

“Also shows to other folks that hey guess what you can do it too,” said Thornton.

As well as prove that there are good things happening in the world.


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