The First Winter Carnival Snowman Contest

SIOUX FALLS, SD- The first-ever Sioux Falls Winter Carnival is a 9-day event that benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire. Thanks to the nice weather in Sioux Falls, one event got families out the door.

Organizers thought it would be a good idea to embrace the “South Dakota Winter” by having people build snowmen.  People started early this morning and now about 30 sit at Fawick Park.  Organizers say this contest and the entire event have received great responses so far and it can only grow from here.

“The whole goal is socialization, to drive traffic, get people out of hibernation, to come downtown, and to Sioux Falls. Hopefully, this will be a great destination eventually for people. We just want to embrace where we live,” says Amy Sumner of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire.

Some other activities at the Winter Carnival include snow boot camp and “snow-ga,” which is snow yoga.

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