Daktronics Lights Up The Super Bowl

BROOKINGS, S.D. – The Rams and Patriots were in the spotlight Sunday night. Well, a South Dakota company lit up the Super Bowl. Daktronics says they powered all the displays at the Super Bowl.

Every single department played a part in the Super Bowl’s success, from engineering to accounting.

“What our entire organization does was on showcase last night,” said Stephanie Walker of Daktronics. “In some way, everyone at Daktronics had an impact.”

Daktronics works on stadiums across the country. The company is behind those larger-than-life video displays at the stadium.

“The tower displays, the 360 displays, the halo display,” said Walker.

Take a look at this little speck right here. It’s just one of the 37 million little LED lights that was in the halo display.

There’s nothing quite like the halo display. It’s reportedly the world’s largest video scoreboard.

61,900 square feet – that’s as long enough as three football fields rolled out.

Some Daktronics field technicians and control system specialists even worked on-site in Atlanta.

“The opportunity for our employees, for our company to be showcased on that level and just to be apart of a big event like that, it’s – it’s indescribable really,” said Walker.

This is the company’s 15th year working on the Super Bowl. They’re already excited for next year.

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