Feenstra’s Super Sophomore Year is Boosting Dordt To National Ranking

Feenstra's Super Sophomore Year is Boosting Dordt To National Ranking

SIOUX CENTER, IA…Erika Feenstra is making her mark on the Defenders program…as a sophomore.

Bill Harmsen, Dordt WBB Coach says:”Erika has just been extremely consistent all season. She has really worked hard just on her physicality and the type of player that she is, and she has just had an outstanding season so far for us…”

Feenstra broke the school’s single season scoring record this year with 500 points and counting.

Erika Feenstra, Dordt Sophomore:”I like to say that I’m kind of physical. I like to play down low. I like the aggression of the game, and I really like the fast paced of the game. I like to go out and run and I try to get some layups…”

Feenstra’s started every game the last 2 years. She’s averaging 22 and a half points a game- doing most of her damage in the paint.

Feenstra says:”This year especially I started to play down low last year I was more on the wing. I think I’m a little more of a threat because I’m starting to play down in the post and be more physical…”

The Defenders have been ranked nationally this year, but this didn’t come without some inconsistency.

Harmsen says:”I’m their third coach in three years, so for them to jump on board the way they have is just outstanding…”

This may be Harmsen’s first season with the Defenders, but it’s not with Feenstra.

Harmsen says:”So I had the opportunity to coach Erika in high school actually..”

Giving the head coach a good idea of what kind of threat the 6 foot forward can be.

Harmsen says:”She is physical and she is tough. She can step out and hit that three too, and so her rebounding has been fantastic… Her scoring around the basket and going to different moves… She’s just really worked hard at improving her game…”

For the sophomore – she’ll be a dominant force for two more years.

Feenstra says:”It’s fun to be able to look ahead and go ok we’ve got these pieces to the puzzle coming back…”

Making Dordt’s future pretty bright. In Sioux Center Nicole Griffith KDLT Sports.

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