Sioux Falls Population on the Rise

SIOUX FALLS, SD- The population of Sioux Falls is approaching the 200-thousand mark.  Just last year the city grew by 4-thousand residents.  The city’s population now sits at more than 187-thousand.

Each year, the City of Sioux Falls continues to welcome new residents from a variety of different backgrounds.  From a new family to new college graduates, this is the city of opportunity.

“Industry growth, economic opportunity, great quality of life, and health care opportunities that exists here. Therefore because of that, we’re seeing a large number of people demonstrate interest in moving here and being part of that success,” says Sioux Falls Chief of Staff Erica Beck.

For the past decade, the city has seen at least over 3-thousand new residents move each year.  This past year even shows over a 2-percent growth rate within city limits.  At this rate, the new population by 2025 will be over 2-hundred thousand residents.  In response to the growth, city officials say that Mayor TenHaken’s first priority is making housing affordable for new residents.  Especially for median income families.

Beck explains, “We will continue to look at those opportunities and identify ways that we can help control some of the costs of housing just as an example. We’ll put into place some strategies to help with that over the next couple of months.”

This growth also benefits school enrollments within the private schools and school district in Sioux Falls along with surrounding districts.

“I think we are a microcosm of what you see in our community. So that growth (that 4,000 person increase in the City of Sioux Falls) really will be shared by all of the schools that deliver services to Sioux Falls,” says Sioux Falls Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher.

There will be growing pains, and the city will address them.  Sioux Falls neighbor to the south, Sioux City has actually been shrinking.  In 2017, Sioux City’s population dropped by 245 residents, and now stands at less than 83-thousand people.

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