Someone You Should Know: Dustin Hansen

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Galynn Huber is someone we have heard from a lot from over the years. He was the street operations manager for the city of Sioux Falls for many years. Huber has recently retired, and Dustin Hansen has now taken over the position.

This isn’t going to be his first time working for the city, he has managed the landfill sight for the last 9 years. Hansen said, “I’ve been in public works for that time, and this opportunity came up. Although I’ve been in solid waste for almost 17 years, I was kind of looking for a different challenge.”

After working with solid waste for that long, you might wonder if snow removal was ever a thought for Hansen. He said, “I’ll have to be honest it was never on my radar. Actually was a consultant for the city a couple years prior to taking a position with the city, helping them with their solid waste division, but never kind of saw myself as a manager of the street department.”

We certainly get plenty of snow which can cause for a little bit of “crazy”, but Hansen says he doesn’t mind it, saying “Kind of chaotic getting everybody in line and the logistics of it, and it is kind of exciting, a little bit of an adrenaline rush I guess.”

The challenges don’t look like they are going to slow down for Hansen. We have multiple chances for snow over the next 7 days.

He says that for the snow over the next couple days is well planned for. They have the extra crew members ready to go and may be issuing a snow alert tomorrow, Thursday, February 7th.


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