The 24th Annual Largest Gun Show In The Midwest

SIOUX FALLS, SD-   It may not seem like it now, but outdoor sports are just around the corner.  Shooting is one popular outdoor activity in South Dakota and a Sioux Falls event is giving people an idea of what to expect this season.

Jessica Bennett is from the Cody Firearms Museum in Wyoming and is one of the 4-hundred nationwide vendors you’ll find at the 24th Annual Midwest Gun Show.  But instead of selling or displaying guns, she can actually tell you more about yours.  She’s basically the “pawn star” of firearms.

“We take care of all the records for Winchester, Marlin and L. C. Smith, so I can tell gun owners the day their gun was made. What configuration it was in when it was made. It helps them make good decisions when they’re out buying guns,” says Firearms Records Specialist Jessica Bennett.

From rifles to knives, the Dakota Territory Gun Association’s Midwest Gun Show gives visitors a chance to see the latest in the gun industry.  Organizers say it’s the largest gun show in the Midwest.  For the first time, the N.R.A’s National Gun Collector’s Show is at this event.  They pick one show a year for the competition.

“With the N.R.A here, we got displays that the items are not for sale. They’re just collections from various people around the country,” says Show Manager Rob Moore.

No matter why you come to the show, to look or buy you can leave with a little history lesson.

Moore explains “From the early days we have anything all the way through World War II, World War I, the Korean War, modern and old guns, knives and blackpowder. Anything that is firearms related, you’re probably going to find it here.”

You’ll also gain safety tips and knowledge about firearms.  In fact, Jessica is brought in to guarantee the quality of each purchase.

“They want them to have the best resources available so that all the rest of the people in the room can have the best information they can have,” says Bennett.

The show is happening on Sunday from 9 to 3 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  Proceeds from the event go towards grants for “shooting sports” that are sponsored by the Dakota Territory Gun Association.

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