Bouncing Back From Cancer at Age 5

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — At first it appeared to be an earache, but doctors would later discover a tumor.

Now 5 year old Holly Huntimer, the daughter of our chief photographer, is battling an aggressive form of cancer, but she’s not doing it alone.

Princesses and superheroes were hopping away the night all for Holly.

“Anytime we can have her play pretend and get dressed up and kind of forget that she’s sick we’re all about it,” says Amy Huntimer Holly’s mom.

At five years old Holly was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, and this outing was a much needed pick me up.

“She is just having a blast out there, jumping and seeing some friends that she hasn’t seen in a long time. She’s been pretty isolated since she’s been diagnosed,” says Huntimer.

Hop for Holly organizer Nate Burdine says he was with the Huntimers the day they got the diagnosis which inspired him to give back.

“To find out an hour later that they got the diagnosis they did really hit home, so very happy to help out and do anything we can to help them,” says Burdine.

The Huntimer’s were surprised with just how many people want to help.

“Sioux Falls, Harrisburg just this area is amazing it’s a whole community coming together. I didn’t really know what to do say. I was speechless,” says Huntimer.

With some of Holly’s favorite characters on deck she was able to forget about cancer.

“Kids shouldn’t have to think about this. It’s such an awful disease. They should be able to go through life carefree,” says Burdine.

And the little fighter isn’t stopping.

“She’s got a tough little spirit for someone who is five, and it’s amazing to me. She is a fighter and has not given up,” says Huntimer.

Hop for Holly raised more than $2,500. The family says it will go toward lodging and driving while holly receives radiation treatment at Mayo Clinic

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